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Touch Application Framework

The Application Framework – Android Open Application Framework

featuringandroid-3yn.pngIn 2008, Google launched a touch-enabled, Linux-based Java application framework called the Android. In October of 2008, Google created the Android Open Source Project, making the Android platform available as an open source project with an Apache 2.0 open source license option, enabling third-parties to use, modify and distribute devices running Android.  The Android platform includes an application framework that provides outstanding support for touch gestures and related animations and UI elements.  In addition, Android provides a framework for controlling the download and installation of applications as well as system resources such as networking, external storage management, media player, browser, calendar, and email.

Touch Revolution has integrated the Android application framework into its NIMble Embedded Touch Computers.  The Touch Revolution Android distribution is made available to our partners in a source-code format that is completely customizable for the specific device.