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Major League Entertainment Experience

Sports fans bring the game, and world, into their skybox with just a touch

What is better than enjoying a sports event from the luxurious setting of an executive skybox? When a regional hockey team began searching for some new ideas to improve their luxury skyboxes, they turned to Touch Revolution. Using the beautiful, multi-touch 21.5” TRu™ Touch Monitor, a skybox multi-media platform was created specifically for them – taking their fan experience to a new level.

Touch Revolution, with a trusted software partner, created an exceptional skybox opportunity for hockey fans. Using three 21.5” TRu™ Touch Monitors, fans are now able to enjoy instant replays, research player bios and game stats, send out Tweets, post to Facebook®, and interact with other fans in the stadium. This innovative solution delivers an unprecedented level of excitement to the serious hockey fan within the comfort of a skybox.

Wrapped up in an elegant projected capacitive touch experience, Touch Revolution’s custom solution combines the best of video coverage, multi-media resources, Internet connectivity, and social media. Of course, this interactive experience adds to the general excitement of any hockey game. The end result is a leap forward for the total hockey fan experience, and a new way to market the sports team and increase skybox sales. Now that’s cool.


  • Elegant monitor aesthetics
  • Easily-integrated TRu™ Touch Monitors
  • Impressive, large form factor projected capacitive touch experience
  • A single software and hardware solution
  • Simple, plug-and-play connectivity