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GestureWorks Partners with Touch Revolution, Software Shown at CES on new TRū™ Multitouch Monitors

January 3, 2011

GestureWorks Partners with Touch Revolution, Software Shown at CES on new TRū Multitouch Monitors  

2011 International CES

CORRALES, New Mexico (January 3, 2011) The GestureWorks (, multitouch authoring software package will be available bundled with select Touch Revolution ( TRū™ Touch monitors.

GestureWorks software will be displayed on TRū™ Touch Monitors at the Touch Revolution booth at CES.

Touch Revolution will be showing the new multitouch-enabled TRū™ Touch Monitors at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, beginning January 6th (booth #21755 in South Hall 1).  GestureWorks-developed applications will allow users to experience innovative multitouch approaches to education, entertainment and gaming. Visitors to the booth can explore gigapixel images, 3D scientific illustrations, X-ray images and play multitouch-enabled classic arcade games on a variety of the TRū™ Touch Monitors, which range in size from 15” to 32.”

Select 21.5” TRū™ Touch Monitors will be available with the GestureWorks software package for order at a CES show price of $995. This bundle provides the same powerful multitouch authoring package to developers that they can see in the booth. The bundle will also be available after the show in the Touch Revolution online store. “The TRū™ Touch 21.5 monitor is stunning, it has responsive multitouch capabilities and full HD resolution. Add a powerful authoring package like GestureWorks, and developers are going have all they need to create the next generation of interactive experiences.” said Jim Spadaccini, CEO of GestureWorks.

“The combination of Touch Revolution’s projected capacitive solutions with the industry-leading GestureWorks SDK brings together the pieces the market needs for multi-touch adoption.” said Tom Leonard, President of Touch Revolution.  “TR looks forward to working closely with partners such as GestureWorks in the future to deliver compelling solutions to our customers.”

Last month, GestureWorks 2.0 was released with built-in support for over 200 hundred gestures. The GestureWorks software development environment provides a simplified and standardized approach to multitouch application development in Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex.   GestureWorks supports Open Exhibits components to further speed application development. These software components are free on the Open Exhibits ( site.

Applications can be authored using GestureWorks for any multitouch system that supports Windows 7 or the TUIO communication protocol.

GestureWorks is owned and operated by Ideum ( and its employees.



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