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Advanced Projected Capacitive Touch

Delivering the Ultimate Touch Experience




Our lineup of Fusion Touch Modules helps take the guess work out of integrating a projected capacitive solution into your product design.  By letting us do what we do best, it allows you to focus on what you do best.  Our goal is to help you bring your products to market faster. 

Fusion Touch Modules are highly accurate and extremely responsive,  taking the leading projected capacitive sensor and bringing it into your touch solution.  With customizable cover glass, we can take our standard sensors and fit them into your design.  Fusion touch modules offer a crisp, bright, beautiful display that brings multi-touch capability to your fingertips.  Currently available in a 4.3”, 7” and 10.1” with more sizes to come, Fusion has the touch solution you need.




TRū is a broad line of projected capacitive touch monitors that bring an advanced consumer-product touch experience to the industrial market.  TRū combines an effortless, responsive, intuitive touch experience with rugged durability that is inherent to projected capacitive sensors.  Available in both a desktop version and as an open frame module, TRū allows you to bring the sleekness of a “true-flat” sensor into your industrial design.  These plug and play monitors make it quick and easy to be up and running in no time with multi-touch functionality and superior touch performance.